Adjudication & Evaluation

The Jury

The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested.  The choir will be awarded points based on the average of the jury scores. Commencing from SICF 2020, only three jury members per panel of five members, will provide written comments for each choir’s performance.


Assessment Criteria

For each work performed, choirs will be assessed on the following criteria:

a. Intonation – singing in tune, with pitch accuracy (50 points)
b. Fidelity to Score – degree of exactness to performance directions (tempo, dynamic markings, articulation and so on) (50 points), on a 100-point scale.

The average mark for (a) Intonation and (b) Fidelity to Score will be calculated by dividing the total points by three (total points for Category A1 will be divided by two).

Choirs will also be assessed on their overall (c) Vocal Quality (50 points) and (d) Artistic Impression (50 points), on a 100-point scale.

The final score is on a 100-point scale, calculated by dividing the sum of (a), (b), (c) and (d) by 2. The awards are given according to the following:

Award Score
Gold 80.00 – 100 points
Silver 70.00 – 79.99 points
Bronze 60.00 – 69.99 points


The choir that attains a Gold award with the highest score in each category will be awarded the title of “Category Champion” and may be selected to take part in the Grand Prix


  Intonation - 50 points (a) Fidelity - 50 points (b)
Song 1 40 41
Song 2 42 40
Song 3 39 43
Average 40.33 41.33


  Vocal Quality - 50 points (c) Artistic Impression - 50 points (d)
  43 40


  Final Score [(a+b+c+d)/2]

Fig 1. Sample Scoring Criteria, 7th SICF 2020


Special Awards

The jury may award special prizes or recommend a choir for participation in the Grand Prix Competition as they deem fit.