Past Results

Grand Prix Winner

Diocesan Girls' School Choir, Hong Kong


Special Conductor Prizes

Lin Fang, Shanghai Youth Choir, China
Lai Yi-Heng, Chien-Kuo High School Choir, Taiwan
Grace Chiang, Diocesan Girls' School Choir, Hong Kong


Overall Results for Category A1 – Equal Voices 12 years and below

1上海学生合唱团 - A1 Category Champions*89.63GOLD
2Les Vista Choristes77.60SILVER
4Woodlands Primary School Choir75.53SILVER
5Altiora Quaerite Children Choir74.40SILVER
7Maha Bodhi School Choir73.30SILVER
9Essex Heights P.S. Chamber Choir69.90BRONZE

*Category champion



Overall Results for Category A2 – Equal Voices 19 years and below

1Chien-Kuo High School Choir - A2 Category Champions*89.77GOLD
2Diocesan Girls' School Choir*89.73GOLD
3PSAR Gloria HKBP Suprapto*84.13GOLD
4Gems Chorale77.07SILVER
5CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School Secondary Choir76.87SILVER
6PL One Voice76.60SILVER
7St. Margaret's Secondary School Choir76.23SILVER
8Angels of the Dawn72.47SILVER
9St. Gabriel's Secondary School's Vocal Ensemble72.27SILVER
10Beatty Choir71.27SILVER

*Category champion



Overall Results for Category A3 – Equal Voices 25 years and below

1Music Office Youth Choir - A3 Category Champions*82.17GOLD

*Grand Prix Finalist



Overall Results for Category B1 – Mixed Voices 19 years and below

1Student Choir of High School Affiliated to Fudan University – B1 Category Champions*81.37GOLD
2Woodgrove Chorale74.67SILVER
3Holy Innocents' High School Choir72.03SILVER

*Category champion



Overall Results for Category B2 – Mixed Voices 25 years and below

1Music Office Youth Choir – B2 Category Champions*83.60GOLD
2Gratia Choir79.40SILVER
3El-Manibang Youth Choir76.87SILVER
4Nanyang Technological University CAC Choir75.10SILVER
5Paramadina Choir74.73SILVER
6Gita Buana Soedirman73.70SILVER
7Ultima Sonora68.57BRONZE

*Category champion



Overall Results for Category B3 – Mixed Voices Open

1PsalmiDeo Chorale - B3 Category Champions*82.30GOLD
2Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir78.27SILVER

*Grand Prix Finalist



Overall Results for Category C - Folklore Open

1上海学生合唱团– C Category Champions*90.93GOLD
2Chien-Kuo High School Choir90.60GOLD
3Hong Kong Sai Kung Chorus83.87GOLD
4Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir82.50GOLD
5Gratia Choir81.37GOLD
6Cantabile Choir Pekanbaru81.10GOLD
7Ultima Sonora80.40GOLD
8Gita Buana Soedirman79.00SILVER
9Paramadina Choir72.23SILVER

*Category champion



Overall Results for Category D - Jubilee




Overall Results for Category E – Musica Sacra Open

1Hong Kong Youth Choir – E Category Champions*82.77GOLD
2Diocesan Girls' School Choir82.60GOLD
3Music Office Youth Choir82.43GOLD
4Cantabile Choir Pekanbaru75.67SILVER
5PsalmiDeo Chorale74.87SILVER
6Paramadina Choir68.37BRONZE
7Ultima Sonora67.70BRONZE

*Grand Prix Finalist