Festival Programme
Date Morning Afternoon Evening
12 July, Wednesday   Choir Arrival and Registration
  Choral Directors' Reception
13 July, Thursday International Choral Competition
Individual Choral Workshops & SICF Choral Exchange
14 July, Friday International Choral Competition
Individual Choral Workshops & SICF Choral Exchange
15 July, Saturday Outreach Performances Meet-the-Jury Session Grand Prix & Results

*Do note that festival schedule may be subject to change and the final festival schedule will be confirmed nearer the date

Choral Directors' Reception

The Choral Directors’ Reception is only open to the conductor and one other representative to attend. This event provides an opportunity for participating choirs to network and interact with other choir representatives as well as the jury. The event will be held over a cocktail reception.


Meet-the Jury Session

This session allows the Jury to provide valuable one-on-one feedback, advice and tips for the conductors post-competition – a perfect platform for conductors and choirs to learn and improve. Conductors and/or choir representatives are to bring their music scores to facilitate feedback and suggestions for development.

Other Optional Programmes

Depending on the package selected, participating choirs can look forward a optional 45-minute individual choral workshop as well as the following programmes to enhance their SICF experience:

Outreach Performance

The organisers will tie-up with various partners to provide outreach performance venues for the choirs. This usually involves a 10-15 minutes performance to locals and/or tourists at the venues, providing a platform to share your culture and music with Singapore.


SICF Choral Exchange

Started in 2016, the SICF Choral Exchange is a unique and fun programme facilitated by local Singaporean conductors with their choirs. Come join us for two-hour session of singing and sharing amongst other participants of the festival. Each exchange typically involves 3 to 4 participating choirs of SICF together with a local choir host.