The Festival

Dear fellow Conductors and Choristers,

We are happy to invite you to the 4th Singapore International Choral Festival, held in the bustling modern metropolis of Singapore from 12 – 15 July 2017. Over the four days, choristers will get to perform at some of the most emblematic, cultural and historical venues in Singapore and there is nothing better than choral music to bind a community and serve as a bridge between generations.

Under the artistic direction of Singapore Cultural Medallion recipient Ms Jennifer Tham of Singapore, this festival brings together an international panel of choral clinicians to lend their experience and guidance to participants through their choral journey.

Over the past editions, we have had the honour of hosting some of the most artistic and culturally-diverse choirs from around the region and beyond, and this year is no different. Come and join us at the 4th Singapore International Choral Festival for a great choral and intercultural experience!

With warmest regards,


Ms Lim Ai Hooi
Festival Director
Singapore International Choral Festival


Grand Prix

The Grand Prix Competition will comprise of Category Champions and choirs recommended by the jury. It will take place on 15 July 2017 at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Choirs selected for the Grand Prix Competition are required to perform any two songs of their choice, only one of which may be a piece previously performed during the competition. The performance must also not exceed the pure singing time of 10 minutes.

Please note that 7 copies of each Grand Prix Performance Song have to be provided to the organisers for the Grand Prix.



Performance Venue

Esplanade Concert Hall (Grand Prix Venue)
Esplanade’s crown jewel seats 1,614 with another 197 seats in the gallery. The hall, boasts superb acoustics and is one of only five such halls in the world with similar state-of-the-art acoustic features. These include reverberation chambers and an acoustic canopy which adapts the hall for different musical performances, producing optimum sound at every concert.

Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Concert Hall (Competition Venue)
The 600-seat concert hall is purpose-built for classical music performances, and is an ideal venue for chamber music as well as for symphony orchestra concerts. The narrower width of the seating area in the stalls creates an intimate feel, which opens up to embrace the curve of the stage. Sound reflectors above the stage allow the acoustic height of the room to be adjusted for different performances. 


About the City

About Singapore
Singapore is a huge tourist and business destination. As both play two of the largest roles in the Singaporean economy, every effort has been made to make every guest to this country comfortable and safe. Some of the rules and regulations implemented in Singapore are found nowhere else in the world so it’s a good idea to become acquainted with them before you step off the plane.